What Makes BetKing One Of The Most Internet Casinos: Cryptocurrencies

Are you familiar with what they call as bitcoin gambling? For those who already know it then they would also be familiar with BetKing. This is a very famous bitcoin dice site that was launched back in April 2013 and became one of the most popular types of crowdfunded casinos for bitcoin until the end of the year 2014.

Around the year 2015, the site has wagered about 400,000+ bitcoins which is the amount of all their competitors have combined. The site also was able to crowdfund around 6,000 bitcoin which gave them the highest betting limits as well. Many people will remember it as one of the most trusted bitcoin dice sites.

The Closure Of This Site In 2016
Many would have wondered by BetKing had to close and what was the problem. One thing is for sure and that was not money. In its run, the site has made around 7,400 as profit where there is a 1.8% house winnings and is the lowest when it comes to the gambling industry.

The founder of the site has worked on it for around four years without any help from staff. One of the reasons why the founder stopped is because he also needed a break from all the hard work he has done alone and furthermore he wanted to create an even better site. This is also the reason why the site has an ICO.

Is ICO The Solution To Improve The Site And Its Profits?
The ICO was made in order to recreate the largest dice website in the world. The site also offered a presale and had a 25% discount for those who bought BKB tokens, the presale got the site 372 bitcoin and also other cryptocurrencies plus around $1,800,000 that are in fiat.

The new site also had more games so that players would have more choices compared to before. The fund for the ICO was about $6 million and it had opened earlier than planned so that players can also bet on recent sporting events. Bear in mind that the site’s main goal is to become the top bitcoin gaming website and it will do all that it takes to reach that top spot.

Cryptocurrencies have made a lot of improvements with how the site operates and thanks to the emergence of more cryptocurrencies, this enabled the site to spread out and also try other means to access more games and get the interest of more players. The site is fully back brimming with new features as well as a new platform that players can enjoy from.

Why Casinos Want You To Download Their Software

Why can people not stop talking about casino websites these days?
The World Wide Web has become a popular tool when it comes to helping people all over the world connect and communicate. However, aside from assisting individuals to build a lasting and strong relationship with one another despite the distance, it creates an additional world where people are amused and entertained.

Information and entertainment are among the strong features of the internet, and this is also the reason why people cannot calm down about casino websites. Even though the industry was already accessible in the mid-90s, it’s recent boom and flourishes reputation has now reached not just casino enthusiasts but the general public as well.

This type of hype and attention can be created to its software providers. So, what is the reason why it is better to download casino games? The truth of the matter is many websites provide the option to their clients to either play online at the website or download casino games to their heart’s desire and preference.

Will download the software grant benefits for clients and the developers? As a matter of fact, this is true. It is because it permits clients better and wider convenience of access for game choices and superb features which, can be experienced on the mobile devices and desktops.

In this manner, the developers are able to thoroughly analyze, regulate, and audit their gaming system. As a result, it becomes easier to manage the websites and to provide a substantial gameplay and platform that their clients shall experience. Another thing in terms of advantages, it ensures that clients will be able to enjoy the features to the fullest form, especially, when the online casino is associated with the top sources such as NetEnt, Microgaming, and others.

 Aside from this, it boosts the environment of game fairness and safety, which is the main focus and concern of the reputable casinos. Even in the international gambling community, or gambling, downloading the casino games from these websites are more favorable action as its criteria are better when it comes to customer service and program capabilities.

Now, if you are comfortable playing at the browser type casino websites, that is always your choice and no one is stopping you. Nevertheless, when aiming for the best features and assistance, then there is no better alternative to choose than to check out prime and worthy online casinos and download the software.

Texas Hold’Em – It’s Harder Than It Looks On TV

Texas Hold’Em is popularly described as the “thinking man’s game”. It is the basic card variation of poker which became famous for the high rollers in Las Vegas. Aside from that, it is also best-loved by TV audiences and online gamblers.

Actually, the rules to be followed in texashold’em is not as hard as it seems to be. You only need to be thinking logically. In fact, it will only take minutes to learn the basics of the game. However, learning the skill to increase the chances of winning will take a lot of time.

A Brief Glossary of the terms used in texashold’em

  • Blind – are compulsory bets that the player has to put before even seeing their cards
  • Button – is a marker that dictates who the current “dealer” is. The dealer will tell who will act last in casino games and in home games, the buck/button will be one to deal with the cards.
  • Check – is part of the round of betting. When a player decides to check, it means that he is postponing her right to bet unless if they are playing in big blinds or rather small blinds.
  • Flop – has two meanings. It could mean for the three faced up cards. It also refers to the action made when dealing with these community cards.
  • Turn – also known as the fourth street. this is the time when a single community card is dealt.
  • River – also known as the fifth street wherein the final card is dealt.
  • Pre-flop – is anything that is done before the community cards are dealt.
  • Showdown – is when there is more than one player left in the game and the situation will call the players to lay down their cards to determine who the winner is.

The Three parts of the Game

  1. The Beginning or the set-up
    To start, every player is dealt with two cards face down which are called “hole cards”. After that, a round of betting will follow wherein you can check, bet or fold. This is the stage called the pre-flop. After the betting is done, the flop is presented.
  1. The Middle or the betting rounds
    After the flop, another betting round is done wherein the fourth or the turn is dealt. Lastly, another final round of betting come to follow wherein the fifth card is or the river is dealt.

To make the best Texas Hold’Em poker hand, you will be using your hole cards and five cards in between.

  1. The End
    There are two ways that a player hand can win. It can be after the showdown or it can be how the player bet enough as everyone else folds.

Are Most Internet Casinos Mobile-Friendly These Days?

Along time ago, whenever you feel to play casino you have to go out of your house to visit the casino place near you, you have to get dressed and drive- then luckily through the advancement of technology “online casino” is now possible. You can play using your PC or laptop.

But the good news is most online casinos are adapting and making software that is well-suited to mobile phones or smartphone devices, giving those who enjoy playing in their phones whenever wherever. They are handier compared to PC or Laptops. From PC online casinos to mobile-friendly casino.

From PC to Smartphones
When online casinos were first launched people were not so happy at the thought of giving their personal information online. Registration and typing away credit or debit card numbers for money deposit and withdrawal. But after so many years, many came to realize how uncomplicated it is to play online knowing that unlike real casinos online casinos are effortless.

How much more right now that there so many casinos on the internet that are also a super mobile-friendly casino, all you have to do is open an app on your phone and there you go you can already play smoothly.

Altering The Way We Have Fun
Through the years, the internet casino business has developed extraordinarily and is approximate to be among the major industries on the net. Just simply by having the latest in digital web technologies, present online casinos are without fail advancing to keep their players fascinated and the commerce ground-breaking. Experience the excitement as if you are really playing in a Live casino.

Imagine you can play hundreds of mobile games on the go whenever wherever. It is compatible with any kind of smartphones and tablet devices and you can pay online also. It is not only easy and convenient; it is way better than getting out and drive to another place. You can even do it in the comfort of your couch or bed at home. You can access your funds right there, and receive bonuses and promotions.

There are tons of latest enhancements being introduced in mobile casinos. Having the freedom to gamble so easily, unlike playing actual slots at the live casino, this is the newest trend to date. When it was introduced a few years back, most mobile casinos were only available to Android and iOS users as a downloadable app. But fortunately, now mobile casinos are available on virtually every operating system just like windows or blackberry.

Can You Use Bitcoin To Play Casino Games On The Internet?

Casinos are known for their gambling offers on each game. It could be a building that is across the street or a VIP themed establishment on the other side of the town. This could be your way of killing time an as well betting on some games. What if you didn’t have the time to drive there? Nowadays, online casinos are a trend.

Online casinos are known for its convenience to the players. They offer different games like how a casino does. The only difference is the game is done online. The wagering is done through the internet. Since it is done online, what is the payment method of the gambling site? It is through the use of bitcoins.

How can I pay to gamble online?
Through the use of bitcoins, you can gamble online. There are casinos online that offer bitcoins as a way of wagering. The thing about bitcoins is that they can be sent in an instant. You can transfer bitcoins within a minute. In this way, you won’t worry about the transactions you made. Sometimes they fail, sometimes they succeed. Mostly, bitcoin transactions never fail. Unlike other transactions that are accepted by the site.

Sites that accept Bitcoins
An example of an online casino that accepts Bitcoins as wagering is Bitcoin Dice sites. This online casino site is known to have anonymous players. Also, a Bitcoin Dice site doesn’t need any fee or charge on each wager. This kind of gambling site also has rewards and perks on each wager that you place. There are tons of site that offer this kind of gambling.

Online casinos are great alternatives
These casinos online can be your great alternative to those casinos in the town. Another thing about online casinos is that they have perks that they can give to customers. It could be rewards or points from the bet that you placed on your last games. There are varieties of perks that an online gambler can have from online casinos.

How can I be sure that it is safe?
You can read or search the site that you saw on another trusted site. Be sure that the trusted site gives legitimate and trust-worthy articles about online casinos that accept Bitcoins. In this way, you won’t get the uncertain feeling as you gamble. You can know how your money flows into the system and your payouts should be fair enough to be received.